Ab Exercises

There are many abs workouts and exercises online. However, some really are not worth your time and others should be in your daily workout routine. Some of the best abdominal exercises, are using a stability ball. The exercises that can be done using the ball, help work your entire ab area and build great six pack abs.

There are in total 3 ways in which you can perform exercise ball abs workout, viz. straight sets, super set and circuit. The straight set of ab exercises with exercise ball is to perform 3 sets of the same exercise and then move to perform the next exercise. In the super set, you can first perform 2 types of exercises one after the other and then again perform these two exercises as another set of abs exercise with exercise ball. Circuit is the most difficult as compared to the two ways of workouts discussed above. In this type of workout, all the abs with exercise ball are performed one after the other. This is one of the really tiresome abs exercise with exercise ball. Let us now discuss some exercises for exercise ball ab workout.

Exercise Ball Abs Workout: Roll-ins

For roll-ins, lie in a push-up position, with the exercise ball between your feet and the floor. With your hands straight, fold your legs towards your abs. This is one of the toughest abs exercises with exercise ball.

Exercise Ball Abs Workout: Exercise Ball Crunches

The exercise ball for abs is commonly used for getting six pack abs. This exercise strengthens the muscles of your abdomen and also helps to improve your posture when you sit on a desk. There are again different types of crunches which are as follows:

Side Crunches
This type of exercise ball abs workout is effective to reduce fat in the love handle area. In this exercise, you need to anchor your body with your legs to the wall. Lie on the ball on the left side of your body. Hold your hands below your neck. Exhale and lift your body and crunch to the right hand side. When you have crunched your body, wait in that position for 1 second and then come to your starting position. Repeat this for 15 counts to complete one set of side crunches. Again perform this same exercise on the right side of the body. To know more about how to get rid of love handles, read exercises for love handles.

Reverse Crunches
For reverse crunches, lie down on the floor with your legs on the top of the ball. Squeeze the ball with your heels towards your thighs. Now exhale and curl your pelvis towards your chest to lift the ball from the floor. Perform these reverse crunches for 15 times to complete one set.

Oblique Crunches
For oblique crunches, sit on the ball and walk until your hips are on the edge of the ball. Keep your hands below the neck. The next step is, exhale and crunch in an upward direction towards the ceiling. Rotate your body in one direction when you are in an upward motion. Rotate towards the right for 15 counts and then to the left again for 15 counts.

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