Core Exercises

Core exercises are crucial if you want more overall strength, stability and better posture. These first workouts are really for men only as they are for getting six pack abs, but the others are great for both men and women.

Ball Oblique Crunches
This workout begins by placing your right hip on the exercise ball without touching your torso and is followed by doing oblique crunches. Get support for your body by placing your soles on the walls. Try to hold on for two or three seconds before going back to your normal position. Do this workout routines for abs ten times consistently for better results. Exercise ball workouts can be done in gyms under the guidance of a fitness trainer. Read more on abdominal exercises.

Windshield Wipers
The windshield wipers workout can be quite an exhausting and challenging form of workout, as it involves rotating your legs entirely to the left and then to the right, and the position of the legs should be perpendicular to the floor. This motion of the legs can be described as a windshield wipers motion and should be done at least ten times.

Russian Twist
In this workout, you need to lie on a bench and attain a position for your body in which the thighs and the torso are at right angles to each other. Your task is to continuously move from the left to the right without pausing. This workout might be difficult for you in the beginning, but remember that its among the most useful ones.

Core Exercises for Men & Women

The Hanging Knee Raises
The hanging knee exercise is one of the best workout routines for lower abs. To perform this exercise specifically for toning the lower abs, you will require a pull bar equipment. Hold the pull bar with both the hands and pull yourself up with full energy, in such a way that your feet are no longer in contact with the floor. Your knees should be above your hips and you can go back to your original position after one or two seconds. Read more on how to build your lower abs and exercise for lower abs.

The Bicycle Crunch
Workout routines for abs must contain the bicycle crunch exercise, as it is one of the best exercises to tone abs. The initial position of starting this exercise is by lying on the floor with your back touching the floor. Put your hands behind your head and slowly lift your shoulders and neck off the floor. Try moving your left leg towards your right elbow and vice versa. This exercise should be repeated for ten times for both the legs.

The Ball Crunch
To do this workout routines for abs, sit on the exercise ball in such a way that your upper and lower back along with the shoulders are touching the ball and your hips are slightly away from the ball and the feet should touch the ground. Raise your body through the shoulder blades. Be in the position in which your abdomen feels the crunch for one or two seconds and then return back to your normal position. Performing two set of these exercises in which each set consists of ten to fifteen repetitions of the exercise will show great improvement over a period of time. Read more on exercise ball abs workout.

The Ab Crunch
The ab crunch is one of the best abdominal exercises for women. You can begin this exercise by lying on the floor. Slowly bend your knees, and the position of the hands should be below your head. Now, try to raise your upper body without changing the position of the lower back – which should remain straight. Remain in this position and then immediately go back to your original position. To get good results for your abs, you should ideally repeat this workout routines for abs ten to twelve times in three sets. During this workout for the abs, your abdomen will contract and return to the normal position several times, which is most required.

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