Back Exercises

Your abdominal muscles are very important. They are essential to the smooth and healthy movement of your body and limbs. The abdominals are often called the core muscles. The reason they are called core muscles is because they are located at the core or centre of the body. It is from the core that all body movement originates.

Your abdominals are a network of muscles that stretch along the area of the stomach and back. In a way they act like a support band or girdle that supports and holds everything in place. They also play a crucial role in supporting the spinals column which is crucial to the movement of our body and limbs. Strong abdominals ensure you move smoothly without strain or limitations. They also help you to maintain a good posture. This is especially important as the modern lifestyle involves a lot of sitting at desks working on computers. Sitting for long periods without any stretching can encourage a poor posture. This is commonly seen with people who have a rounded shoulders and a curved back. This situation can reduce the mobility of the body and put strain on the spines vertebrae. In the long term this can lead to back pain and other spinal problems.

It is important that you look after your body taking the time to strengthen your abdominals. Even if you do regular exercise you should also give your abs a good workout on a regular basis as they will protect the body from strain caused by physical exertion. There are a number of traditional floor exercises that you can use that will help you make your abs stronger. Two of the most popular types are the scissor crunch and the sit-up. It is important that you do these correctly as you could strain your neck and back muscles.

Many people who are out of condition can find these floor exercises very difficult to do. This is because their weak abdominal muscles do not have the strength to support their neck and back properly when doing the exercise. A safer option for someone starting out is to use an ab machine like the Ab Chair. As its title states you sit in this specially designed chair and perform scissor style crunch exercises. Attached to the footrest are resistance bands that create tension as you move. This tension works on toning and strengthening your abs and obliques. The key benefit for someone who is unfit and out of condition is the chair supports the back and neck muscles which enables you to exercise without the strain.

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