Love Handle Exercises

Love handles are a common problem in most of the youngsters and it can be very embarrassing. Tummy fat is also known to be a sign of unhealthy body. If you are one of those who want to get rid of tummy fat, then you are at the right place. There are some of the best exercises to lose tummy fat. Performing the tummy fat exercises regularly is essential to have a classy figure. Moreover, you do not need to hit the gym or require any exercise equipment to perform these exercises. You can perform these at home by finding some time out of your busy schedule. So get ready to wear all those trendy tight outfits which you kept in the wardrobe due to your fat tummy.

Best Exercises to Lose Love Handle

  • Cardiovascular exercises will help you in a great way to achieve the goal. You can opt for cycling, jogging or swimming exercises that will work on other muscles as well along with the stomach muscles. These will help you get faster results. You can perform these daily or at least alternate days to lose belly fat.
  • So perform one of the best abdominal exercises. Stand upright with feet touching each other and toes slightly facing outwards. Stretch your hands and take them in front of your eyes, so that your nails are in line with your eyes. Fix your eyes on your nails and move hands towards the left side of your body, move as much as you can. Make sure your eyes are focused on nails and your legs do not move. Hold the position for 3-4 seconds and come back to initial position. Now turn towards your right side and follow the same procedure. Perform 10-15 reps on each side and 3 sets. Read more on how to reduce tummy fat.
  • To perform this exercise sit on your knees. Heels must face upwards. Now slowly lean backwards, moving your head towards the floor. This movement will lead to a feeling of pressure on your stomach. Lean backwards as much as you can. Hold the position for a few seconds and return to the initial position. Perform this exercise to reduce belly fat about 10-15 times.
  • Place a floor mat and sit over it. You must be in a position so that your knees are bent and feet flat, touching the floor. Now cross your hands and place them on your chest. Tuck in your chin. Also, move your shoulders forward, toward your chest. Make sure there is some gap between your buttocks and feet. Start performing this exercise by tucking in your abs and slowly leaning backwards. Continue leaning toward the floor, you will feel pressure on stomach muscles. Go backwards as much as you can and hold the position for a few seconds. Now relax and slowly get back to the original position. Repeat this exercise 15 times and perform 3 sets. Read more on tummy tucks.
  • To perform this exercise take an exercise mat and lie flat on your back. Place your hands behind your head and both of your legs on a bench. Your legs must make make a 90 degree angle. Now tuck in your abs and lift your upper body off the floor. Lift as much as you can, do not lift your lower back. Hold for a few seconds and then get back to the initial position. Perform 15 repetitions of this exercise and 3 sets in all. This is one of the best exercises to get rid of tummy fat. Read more on how to get a flat tummy.

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