Abdominal Exercises

In this article I want to go over not only the basic abdominal exercises, but also onces that are geared specifically for parts of your abs. Like the lower abs which are so important yet hardly never spokent about.

The lower ab workouts for boys can help them look good with a fit body, provided the exercises for lower abs are done in a right way. Along with the lower ab fitness for men, eating good nutritious food is very important as junk food can do no good to the body. Maintaining a proper abs diet is essential to get the six pack abs which have become very popular. You can also read more on ripped six pack abs. One should remember that consistent efforts are needed to build a great body and you may need months or even years to achieve your targets. Here are the details of the lower ab program for men.

Excellent Workouts for Lower Abs

The Hip Thrust Workouts
The hip thrust exercise involves lying with your feet crossed at your ankles on the floor. Now, raise your legs slowly and steadily such that they remain straight and point at the ceiling. Now, by contracting your abdominal region, try to raise your hips above the floor and while doing so, your lower back should touch the floor. Try out many sets of this exercise till you get it completely right. These are one of the best ab workout for men. To know more about the lower ab workouts for men.

The Leg Circle Workouts
These are well known lower ab workouts for men. Start this exercise by lying on the floor, and position your hands under your back. Now, slowly and steadily, lift your legs up making a right angle with the floor. Wait for a second or two at this position and then start the clockwise rotation of your legs. The same exercise can also be done by rotating the legs in an anti-clockwise direction. This is a fun exercise to do and you will definitely see an improvement in your abilities after practicing it seriously. Increase the number of repetitions as you gain perfection in these workouts.

The Reverse Crunch Workouts
Reverse crunch are also an important lower ab workouts for men. The initial position before starting these workouts is lying flat with feet crossed on the ground. Now, raise your legs till your thighs in such a way that a ninety degree angle is formed between your knees and your thighs. Now, the next step is to contract your abs and move the knees near the chest. While doing this, you will be exerting pressure on the portion of your lower back to the floor. Now, bring back your legs to the original position in which the feet are crossed and the thighs make a right angle to the floor. There should be twelve to fifteen repetitions in each set and try to do two or three sets of these workouts.

The Leg Lift Workouts
The leg lift workouts are the ones, which are always a part of the lower ab training for men. For these lower ab workouts for men, you need to lie on a floor and position your arms on your side. Now, raise both the legs up and bring them at a position, which is perpendicular to the ground by putting pressure on the muscles of the stomach, controlling your breathing. After you wait at this position for a few seconds, lower the legs back to the normal position. Each set of this workout will contain ten to twelve repetitions and you can do two sets in a day to start with. You can do two sets of these workouts for three days a week to start with and then increase the number of sets when you see an improvement in your stamina.

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