Core Exercises

Core exercises are great for strengthening your entire body. Most of your strength comes from your core abdominal muscles, so focusing on those is a fantastic idea.

Transverse Abdominis Exercises

Have you been working hard on your abs routine and not getting desired results, it is time for you to introduce the transversus abdominis exercises in your workout plan. These simple exercises will help you train the natural weight belt of the body by sucking in on the diaphragm. The TVA muscles are trained differently than the abdominal muscles. Here are a few transverse abdominis exercises.

Bent Over Pull In
This is one of the most effective exercises to train the transverse abdominis and you should inculcate this in your abs workout. Stand about a foot or two away from a flat table or platform bend over to rest your forearms on the table so that your torso is parallel to the ground. From this start position pull in your TA muscles towards your spine and hold the position. This way you are pulling them against the force of gravity for resistance training. Hold the position for a 20-30 count and repeat the routine at least 2-3 times.

Hanging Pose
Stand under a pull up bar with your feet hip width apart and grip the bar shoulder width apart. Relax your hips and extend your legs fully under you. Look straight ahead and keep your spine straight, do not bend your elbows, this will be your start position. Now pull in your transversus abdominis muscles towards your spine in this suspended position, hold the position for a 20 count. Repeat this abdominal exercise movement 2-3 times make sure you pay attention to the correct form.

The Belly Suck
For this transverse abdominal exercise lie down on your back on an exercise mat, and bend your knees to place your feet on the floor. Place your hands on the lower abs so that your thumbs end up on the navel. This will be your starting position, now suck in on your belly and pull your navel towards the spine. Inhale and pull in your belly button as if you are trying to touch it to the back of your spine. Hold the position for a slow 20 count and then slowly exhale and return to the start position. Repeat the movement 2-3 times, endeavor to increase your time from a 20 count to 30-40 count.

The Plank Pose
For this plank exercise place your elbows on the floor under your shoulders and close your fingers to form a fist and dig your palms in the floor. Place your feet hip width apart and dig your toes into the floor, keep your spine straight and legs fully extended. Now lift your body off the ground and use the forearms and toes to support your body weight. Once you are up suck your belly in towards your spine and hold the position for a 20 count, then slowly go down and repeat the movement 2-3 times. If you are not able to hold the position for the 20 count do 10-15 with one extra set, but endeavor to increase your time.

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