Cardio Ab Workouts

If you are seriously trying to pursue six pack abs or even just a flat stomach, then you should definitely include cardio workouts for weight loss as an integral part of your workout plan. Anybody trying to lose weight must understand that they have to be realistic about their goals and make sustained efforts to get rid of the extra kilos on their body. For a healthy weight loss training program, proper planning is essential. You have to know how much you need to workout and the best cardio workouts that burn fat. More on cardiovascular exercises.

Best Cardio Ab Workouts

For losing weight, you must burn more calories than the amount of daily calorie intake. The best cardio workouts for weight loss are those cardio exercises that burn more calories in a relatively shorter period of time. The most satisfactory part of these effective cardio workouts for weight loss is that they don’t require any sophisticated gym equipments. Another important benefit of cardio exercises is that, you don’t have to cut down the calories of your diet drastically. This means that you have to just focus on a healthy diet. The extra calories are effectively burnt through these exercises. Given below are few cardio workouts for weight loss.

Outdoor or indoor bicycling is an effective workout to lose weight. Cycling in the early morning with a group of friends not only lightens your mood and rejuvenates your spirit, but it’s a great workout for the muscles of your legs, thighs and buttocks. Bicycling increases your heart stamina and helps you to get stronger legs.

No exercise can be as effective as swimming when it comes to total body workouts and losing weight. Generally, running and swimming, when combined bring great results. However, access to swimming pools may not be possible for everyone, so there are various other options like bicycling and exercise bikes that are effective and can be practiced at home.

Running and jogging is a great way to improve the metabolic power of the body and also burn large amount of calories. Running can bring great results to the body as it enhances blood circulation, improves strength of the leg muscles and enhances heart health.

Jumping Rope
Jumping rope is one of the best cardio workouts for weight loss. Since it is a high intensity workout, it gives you a total body workout in a short span of 15 – 20 minutes. Jumping rope is an effective exercise for increasing the stamina of heart. Although for overweight people, this exercise may not be very easy to practice, small sessions of about 10 minutes can gradually increase the stamina of heart and eventually help you to lose weight effectively. Read more on jump rope.

One of the most popular cardio workouts for women is aerobics. Aerobics is practiced in many forms and they primarily target to eliminate fat from legs, hips and glutes. These exercises can burn nearly 400 calories in a duration of 30 minutes. If you are aware of various aerobic exercises, then even in the comfort of your home, you can practice aerobics. Play some good workout songs and practice these exercises for half an hour daily. If you are a beginner, then 15 – 20 minutes of exercise is better to start with. Read more on aerobic exercises.

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