Cardio Ripped Abs

We all know exercises are very important to stay healthy and keep our body fit. Exercises are the most beneficial solution when it comes to weight loss. People religiously go to gyms and workout hard with various exercise equipment. It’s not wrong, but it becomes monotonous and people get bored and lose interest in exercising and finally leave it. So why not try some cardio workouts that burn fat and at the same time are a lot of fun to perform. You would benefit from some cardiovascular exercises.

The most important thing while doing cardio workouts that burn fat is picking up the ideal exercise for yourself. Do the right kind of cardio workout, some cardio workouts burn your calories faster and give your body immense fitness and strength. Listed below are some of the best cardio workouts that burn fat.

Cardio Workouts for Ripped Abs

  • Elliptical Trainer: It is one of the best cardio workouts to burn fat. It also increases your fitness and endurance levels. You burn up to 200 calories in half an hour. Check out some elliptical machines
  • Walking: I see walking as a beneficial exercise that benefits people from all age groups. I prefer walking during evenings. If you want to make walking in to a beneficial workout I advise brisk walking and walking up a hill. Take your I-pod or music player to keep you going. Read more on walking exercise.
  • Swimming: Swimming is an excellent cardio as well as a full body exercise. It exercises your body from head to toe. Doing a breast stroke can burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes.
  • Step Aerobics: Women love step aerobics, this doesn’t mean it’s taboo for men. Both the sexes can enjoy the benefits of this amazing workout. Step aerobics mainly exercises your legs, hips and glutes. It’s a fun workout and can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes. Check out some aerobic exercises.

The best cardio workouts are those you simply enjoy and do everyday with excitement. Choose a workout and don’t forget to try different one’s. Trying different workouts is a great way to keep your workout program fresh and exciting.

Cardio Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

  • Hiking: The best thing about hiking is that, you are exercising and experiencing the beauty of nature at the same time. Climbing up a mountain or walking through a hilly area, you see some of the most beautiful things mother nature has to offer. Hiking consists of different activities like running, jumping, climbing etc. It’s not a continuous exercise like running or cycling, but can be just as tiring. Climbing up a mountain is a very physical demanding activity. You exercise your lower body, legs, thighs, butt and yes, you are also burning a lot of belly fat. If you are bored of your regular cardio workouts, then hiking is an excellent option for a change. You can go as a picnic with your family and friends or just give time alone to your thoughts. Also look at some love handle exercises.
  • Cycling: Cycling is another great option in cardio workouts that burn fat around the belly. Cycling can be done outdoors as a group activity with friends and can also be done indoors on a stationery bike. If you are thinking of purchasing a stationery exercise bike, avoid bikes which have a back rest. The problem with a back rest is that it makes your workout less intensified and you take a long time to even build a sweat. Always try to have a trip on bikes for a great cardio exercise, if you have a stationery bike then always try to change the resistance levels to make sure that you are getting an excellent workout and even training your legs in the process.
  • Running: It is one of the best cardio workouts that burn fat and one of my favorites. I have been going for my morning runs for quite sometime and I feel a thrill every time I do it. What I love about this exercise is that, it exercises your entire body from head to toe. Running can be done indoors on a treadmill and out in the open too. An additional benefit of this cardio workout is that it also exercises your abs as you’re running. Place your hand on your stomach while your running, you will feel it’s a little hard. With running also try some sprinting, sprinting exercises give your abs a faster and a harder workout. I enjoy running on a slope and trust me it’s hard. But if you are just a beginner at running, then there is no need to choose a high level to run. All you need is a nice warm up and some stretching. Pick up a pair of running shoes and run like the wind. Get some more information on running and jogging.

Try to make your cardio workouts short and fun. I suppose you have a life of your own, in which you are busy with your personal and professional commitments. Do different cardio workouts instead of long and tiring monotonous exercises.

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