Hitt Cardio Workout

Besides losing weight and toning body, cardio exercises also help to overcome or reduce risks of various health disorders like heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes. After knowing all these cardio exercise benefits, I am sure you will be desperate to know different cardio exercises to lose belly fat and body weight. Therefore, here are some simple, yet effective cardio exercises to do at home as well as outdoors. Learn more on cardio exercises and workouts.

Outdoor Cardio Workout

  • Swimming: Swimming is a complete body exercise which involves the entire body, and hence, is capable of burning more calories. The different swimming strokes, especially the breast stroke comprises the use of many muscle groups collectively, burning nearly 400 calories in half an hour without causing any high impact injuries on the joints.
  • Bicycling: Bicycling is an excellent outdoor cardio exercise that helps to burn calories, sheds body fat and improves cardiovascular health. Considering the body weight, intensity of the ride and motion of bicycling, i.e. uphill and high intensity cycling, a person can burn nearly 400 to 500 calories in one hour. Read more on cardio exercises to lose weight and bicycle exercise benefits.
  • Running: Running and jogging is another great cardio exercise that requires no special technique or equipment (except a pair of high quality shoes). It helps in burning a large amount of calories approximately 300 in half an hour, if running with a velocity of 5 mph.

Indoor Cardio Workout

  • Elliptical Trainer: Being one of the most commonly used machines in the gym, an elliptical machine provides a low-impact cardio workout. It assists in building endurance without much of pounding on the joints as well as protecting them from many other high impact activities. Hence, elliptical trainer is a great cardio workout that helps in burning 300 calories in half an hour. Learn more on cardio exercise equipment.
  • Jumping Rope: Another simple cardio exercise which can be performed at home is jumping rope. Just 15 – 20 minutes of jumping rope can provide your body with an unbeatable complete body workout. This exercise also benefits by improving eye-hand coordination, lateral movement, foot and hand speed and agility.
  • Step Aerobics: Step aerobics is a kind of aerobic exercise which is executed on a raised platform. It primarily focuses on the legs, butt and hips, burning up to 400 calories in half an hour. Hence, it is also considered as one of the best cardio exercises for bad knees or for people suffering from arthritis. However, the number of calories burned varies according to the swiftness of the movements, step height, and exercise duration. Learn more on step aerobics and benefits.

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