How to Get a Six Pack in a Week for Kids

When I was a kid I dreamed of having a great body and perfect six pack abs. I didn’t realize that it was actually possible, even easier as a child. So in this article I will show you how to start getting a six pack in just a week aimed for kids.

Plan The Right Diet
One needs to also know what to eat to get a six pack fast. The nutrition and food intake are every bit as important as exercising when it comes to the question of six packs. Cutting out on foods like white rice, pasta, processed foods, sugary savories, things made out of all purpose flour, white bread and anything else that has a tendency to convert into calories or get stored as fat is a complete no no.

Lose That Fat
Six pack abs happen when you work on the abdominal muscles through weight training especially. But no matter what you do and how hard you work, unless you are going about it right, the results won’t show. The first thing that one needs to do to this effect is to carry forth some weight loss exercises to lose all the excess fat that they have stored, especially, around the tummy area. The muscles that you build will not be visible if there is a layer of fat covering them. Carry forth some fat burning exercises even before you start on abdominal exercises.

Do the right abs exercises…

Exercises to Get Six Pack Abs Fast

Now that the preliminary stages of how to get a six pack are done, we need to start focusing on some ab workout plans. The main exercise type to tap for that six pack is weight training along with cardio. Here are some exercises for the same.

Jackknife Sit Ups

  1. Lie flat on the floor and in one swift (carefully executed) motion bring the knees and the forearms together.
  2. This will automatically pull you up in a crunch.
  3. Make sure that the hips are sufficiently supported.
  4. The bending should be intense enough to allow you to kiss your knees.
  5. Stay in this position for 4-5 seconds and come down slowly.
  6. Carry put the same routine as you did in the earlier six pack abs exercises.

Leg Lifts

  1. Lie on the floor with your legs up in the air. They should not be bent at the knees.
  2. Place your hands firmly to your side.
  3. Now lift your hips while maintaining the 90 degree angle of the raised legs.
  4. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds and then slowly bring it down.
  5. Do not touch the legs to the ground.
  6. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
  7. Increase as the weeks progress.

Twisting Crunches

  1. This is just like the crunches exercises but a little difficult.
  2. Lie on your back, bend your knees and make sure your feet are firmly placed on the ground.
  3. Now place your hands under your neck, making sure that it is completely supported.
  4. Now lift your head in a crunch and take the right side to the left knee. Hold it there for 5-7 seconds then bring it down again.
  5. Now do the same on the other side with the alternate hand.
  6. Repeat 10-12 times to make a set.
  7. Do three sets of these in the starting week and slowly increase the count.

Normal Crunches

  1. Lie on the floor with your legs bent at the knees.
  2. Place your hands under your neck for support.
  3. Now crunch up while putting the pressure on your abs. Exhale while you do this.
  4. Hold the position for about 5-7 seconds and then slowly come down (do not thump).
  5. Inhale while you come down.
  6. Repeat this exercise 10-12 times for 1 set.
  7. Do three sets of these in the starting week and slowly increase the count.

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