Muay Thai Training For Six Pack Abs

Recently I’ve been learning thai boxing at a muay thai camp in phuket. I’ve quickly realized that almost everyone at the gym had a ripped six pack!

The muay tha training consists of hardcore 3 minutes rounds with 1 minute push-up breaks. Thats means, that after training hard against the bag or thai pads, you need to do at least 10 push-ups before starting again and doing another 3 minute round. It’s very tough.

It’s very similar to interval training. For example when you sprint for 1 minute, jog for half a minute, sprint, jog etc. This as been shown time and again to stimulate a massive fat buring response. You end up burning far more belly fat with high intensity training then you ever would with long boring cardio sessions.

Anyway, I just wanted to up date and say that training thai boxing can and will give you a 6 pack fast.

Now the best camp in Phuket for this is

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