Muay Thai Thailand

phromthep muay thai campMuay Thai Thailand & Weight Loss Camp is the only place I would ever consider going to lose weight. Between their great set-up and friendly staff, I really cannot think of a better place to go.

Don’t let the “muay thai” part of the camp scare you. I can assure you that the muay thai workout is really just used to burn off fat at a very fast rate. It’s no problem if you have no interest in the sport or even if you don’t want to train muay thai at the camp at all.

In fact,  Muay Thai Thailand Gym is fast becoming a weight loss camp with a wide range of fitness and fun activities. For example, just recently BodyFit training has been started. BodyFit is a type of circuit training led by a lovely lady called Anna.

BodyFit is a great way to get your body started losing fat and also to increase your fitness and flexibility. Many people choose to start off by just doing BodyFit training and some Yoga classes (which are also available on the camp).

What I think makes Thailand Muay Thai so successful in helping people lose weight, is the healthy food restaurant and “Green Smoothie Diet”. You see, they offer you the whole package. It doesn’t just provide fitness training and accommodation. It also includes all your meals and can also arrange other activities for you to do.

I have even heard that they may be starting some cooking courses and thai massage classes which sound like a fun way to get involved in the thai culture. As well as arranging trips to the various islands and local hot spots.

Whats more, the bungalows and accommodation which are provided on camp are simply brilliant. They are clean, safe and have everything you need for a comfortable stay on the camp. In fact, after having settled in for a while, I really didn’t want to leave. And I am now already booking another stay on PhromThep Muay Thai camp.

If you are are overweight, unfit or would like to learn the art of muay thai, then you should really look into staying for a while on the camp. I am certain you will enjoy yourself, lose a lot of weight and meet new friends. It will also give you a chance to absorb some of the thai culture and understand the thai way.

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