How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast

Many people wish to learn how to get six pack abs fast, but it some how just doesn’t come thru for them. There is much false information out there when it comes to getting yourself a good set of six pack abs.

The best way you should look at abs, is that they need to be revealed rather than built up. The so called six pack look is caused by the ridges in the rectus abdominis muscle, which runs from the rib cage down to the pelvic bone. While it is true that you can tone and build this muscle up, everybody has this ‘six pack’, whether you can see it or not depends on how much fat you have covering it. Using these abs workout machines or doing thousands of sit ups will never give you a six pack, they may tone the muscle but they will never remove the layer of fat that hides that muscle. It may be starting to sound impossible to get that sexy washboard stomach look, but don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds. Although there are no quick easy answers to getting a six pack, it is achievable by anyone. Apply the following top ten tips for perfect six abs and you should be heading on the right path to achieving those six pack abs you are looking for.

  1. Abs Diet- To get your body fat low enough so that you can see your abs you need to be following a good nutrition program. Follow a calorie controlled diet. Cut out saturated fats as much as possible, but still get enough of the good fats which contain EFA’s (essential fatty acids) which are needed by your body. These good fats come from foods like fish, nuts and olive oil. Also increase your protein intake, your muscles need the amino acids that make up protein to repair and grow. Your diet should be as natural as possible, avoid ready made meals as even the so called ‘healthy’ options are high in refined sugars.
  2. Abdominal Exercises – Even though everyone has the abdominal muscles that give that six pack look, you should still exercise those abs, keep them strong and toned looking. How symmetrical your abs are depends on your genetics, you can’t changed that, but you can still get your abs looking great. Work your abs twice a week, good exercises to use are fit ball sit ups,
  3. Weight Training – As mentioned you need to get your body fat down to reveal your abdominal muscles. Muscle actually burns calories, even when you are resting, this will help in your pursuit of a low body fat percentage. When losing weight you will also look a lot better with a bit of muscle on you.
  4. Cardio – If you ever want to see those abdominal muscles you need to get you body fat down low enough. Depending on the person, it is usually below 12% that you will start to see your abs. Start adding in three or four cardio sessions a week, start off at about twenty minutes each session, working up to forty five minutes if your results aren’t coming.
  5. Keep on going! – Probably the most important thing on the list. Introduce all of the points on the list, and keep them up. Even when you find yourself low in motivation, make sure you go to every training session you have scheduled in and keep to your diet. The key to achieving a six pack is to consistently train and to keep up your diet.

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