Get Six Pack Practice

There are many six pack practices that you can perform to help your body build rock hard abs. Below I’ve outlined some of the best ones available.

Decline Bench Crunches
Hook your feet under the leg rests after you have set the angle of the sit up bench to about 40 degree angle. Cross the fingers of your arms behind your head and lean back to almost touch the back to the bench. Tuck your chin into the chest, crunch your abs and come up to bring your chest as close to your thighs as possible. Exhale as you come up and inhale as you slowly go back down in a controlled motion, repeat for desired repetitions.

Oblique Crunches
Adjust the decline bench to a 40 degree angle and make sure you have your feet hooked under the rest when doing oblique crunches. Keep your hands to the side of the head so that the elbows are pointing straight ahead and rest your back on the bench. Exhale and come up to touch the right elbow on the left knee and go back down then touch the left elbow to the right knee. Inhale as you go down, repeat this movement for desired repetitions.

Incline Crunches
There are variants of sit up benches that allow you to sit at an angle which is more than 90 degrees and get a good abs workout. Rest your back and hold on to the handles right above the shoulders after you adjust the angle on the incline sit up bench Hook your feet under the leg rest and exhale as you crunch your torso towards your thighs. Go as far down as possible and then come up slowly as you inhale, repeat the motion for desired repetitions.

Sit up Bench Reviews

Best Fitness Semi Recumbent
This Ab bench allows you to adjust the angle to two different reclining positions for a good six pack abs workout. The range of motion and support offered by this equipment will help you effectively target the abdominal muscles. You can do leg raises as well as abdominal crunches on this bench for a full ab workout.

Body solid Pro Style
One of the major features of this sit up bench is that it has 12 different adjustable positions. This makes it very effective for the beginner as well as a pro athlete. The sit up bench plans also offer stability and durability of the equipment. It has an extra wide back rest, high quality foam rollers as leg rests and is easy to use.

Valor Fitness DF-1
The frame of this equipment comes with a life time warranty and it also has 12 different adjustment levels making it a good buy for your home gym or for commercial use. The specially designed leg pads claim to take the strain of the crunches routine away from the knees and back. It has locking pull pins for adjusting the different positions and a strong steel frame.

The sit up bench is a good addition to your home gym or commercial establishment for a good abs workout. Like any other fitness equipment the sit up bench will give you faster results and help you correct form when working out.

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