Six Pack Diet

A six pack abs diet plan and a solid abdominal workout routine are the two factors that, when used together, equal great abdominal muscles.

Mental Preparation
The first thing to do to get ripped fast is to mentally prepare yourself for it. Think that you already have well defined, six pack abs, it’s just that they are lying under your belly fat. All you have to do is to take such a diet and incorporate certain effective six pack abs exercises, that this layer of fat is removed and your six packs become visible. Once you mentally prepare yourself, you are all set to get started…

The fastest way to get a six pack is by eliminating all such foods from the diet which cause weight gain, such as refined foods, fatty foods, junk food, fried foods and alcohol. Include healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, beans, low fat dairy foods, nuts and seeds, in your diet.

Eat more of proteins and decrease the intake of foods which contain carbohydrates. Spread your meals throughout the day instead of eating three large meals as every time we eat food, our bodies burn calories in order to digest it. And if proteins are included in each of these small meals, the body’s metabolism will rise and you will feel even more energized. Thus, a proper diet plan can help you to burn more calories and also keep up your energy levels, which are much needed to carry out your six pack abs workout routine.

In order to get six pack abs in two weeks, a healthy diet should be complimented with adequate amount of water intake. Water helps in reducing the hunger, hydrating the body and flushing out the toxins and by-products of fat breakdown from the body, thus helping it in the process of getting six pack abs.

As getting a six pack abs in 2 weeks is not easy, in order to achieve this goal, a high intensity cardiovascular exercise routine along with abdominal exercises has to be followed. Cardiovascular exercises help the body in shedding fat from all over, including your abdomen so perform them on alternate days, ie three days a week. An effective cardiovascular exercise is cycling, which can be either undertaken outdoors or in your gym on a stationary exercise bike. You can also include swimming, jogging and running, as these too are quite effective in burning the fats fast from the body.

For three days, perform cardiovascular exercises, on the remaining three days, do targeted abdominal exercises such as crunches, abdominal sit-ups, leg raises, side bends and side twists. Include a number of variations of crunches in your 6 pack abs workout, such as standard crunches, cross crunches, leg crunches, reverse crunches, leg crunches, 90 degree crunches, 45 degree crunches and ball crunches, so that your lower abdominal muscles, upper abdominal muscles, and your obliques, all get exercised.

Six pack abs in 2 weeks would be possible only if you stick to the low fat diet plan and are able to perform high intensity exercises. To get six pack abs so fast, you need to do at least eight to ten sets of each of the abdominal exercises with twenty repetitions in each set. Make sure that your body gets enough rest in between workouts to recover itself. Only if you have the mental strength and physical stamina to carry on with such a strenuous exercise routine, that you should go ahead and aim to get six pack abs in two weeks.

If your goal is to get six pack abs, there are a number of different diet programs out there that you can try. Many of them will work but by making sure to include a few select foods on the plan you can maximize the results you see.

Here are the best six pack abs foods that will kick your results into high gear.


Fish is one of the best sources of protein to include regularly on your six pack abs diet because it’s very low in fat and calories. Many fitness competitors choose to make fish their sole protein source as they progress through their fat loss diet, so you know it will get you closer to getting that six pack you want so badly.


The second good food to add to your six pack abs diet are nuts. While nuts are very calorie dense, they are full of important vitamins that will help you maintain good health and will go a very low way towards helping keep your hunger level down and under control.

Just make sure that as you include the nuts in your six pack abs diet that you are measuring out your portion size since this will influence the speed of the results you see.

Egg Whites

Another really good source of protein, egg whites are perfect to add to your six pack abs diet. Egg whites are great because they are very inexpensive to buy and you can do so many different things with them.

You’d be hard pressed not to be able to find a way to cook your egg whites that you enjoy so make sure you do add at least one meal of egg whites each day to see the best results.

Green Vegetables

Finally, the last food to add to your six pack abs diet are green vegetables. These also contain a very high amount of nutrients but are incredibly low in calories.

In fact, they are so low in calories that you could virtually eat as many as you liked and it’s not going to influence the results you see (assuming you’re not adding calorie-dense sauces to them of course).

So make sure you’re adding these foods to your daily menu. Getting a six pack doesn’t have to be impossible if you’re following the right diet plan. If you aren’t though, it will be a long time before you see any type of results.

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