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One of the safest ways to reduce belly fat fast is to use an exercise to flatten stomach. Given below are various best stomach flattening exercises which you can use to get the stomach back in shape. Apart from the exercises, follow a diet which is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables as they contain antioxidants and are rich in fiber. Fiber helps to move fats out of the stomach and intestines, while antioxidants helps to detox. Also, keep drinking lots of water and have few cups of green tea to reduce belly fat.

Best Exercises to Flatten Stomach for Women and Men

Oblique Twists
To perform oblique twist abdominal exercise to flatten lower stomach, you will need a stability ball. Sit on the ball, and walk forward a bit, till the ball is resting under your back and the body is parallel to the floor. Then place your hands lightly behind the head for support, and then slowly do crunch by lifting your shoulder blades off the ball, and then rotate your left shoulder towards the right hip. Then return to the starting position, switch sides and repeat.

Plank Exercise
This is one of the best flat stomach exercise, however, make sure you follow the right technique while performing these abdominal exercises. Lie down facing the mat, with your forearms, palms flat on the floor. Then push off the ground, by rising on the toes and resting your upper body on the elbows. Take care to keep your back in a straight line from head to heels. Then tilt your pelvis and contract the abs to prevent the butt from sticking up in the air, and hold this for 20-60 seconds, then slowly lower down your body. Perform 4-5 repetitions of this exercise to flatten stomach.

Bicycle Crunch
This is one of the best exercise to flatten stomach in 2 weeks. And when done these flat stomach workouts regularly with the right form, you can achieve great looking results. To perform this exercise to flatten stomach, lie down on the floor and lace your fingers behind your head, then bring your knees towards your chest and lift the shoulders off the ground. Make sure you don’t pull on the neck while doing this. Then slowly straighten out the left leg, while turning the upper body towards your right, and take the left elbow towards your right knee. Then switch sides and repeat. Perform this best stomach flattening exercises in 2-3 sets consisting 12 repetitions each.

Vacuum Pose
This exercise is one of the best way to get a flat stomach. You can use this exercise to flatten stomach after pregnancy, anytime you feel. Even people who have desk jobs, can use this exercise anytime to reduce stomach fat. To perform this exercise, sit straight and then inhale and take a deep breath from your belly, and suck your belly button till you feel it almost touching your spine. Hold it for 20-60 seconds. Do this for 5 minutes.

Cardio Exercises
Apart from following stomach flattening exercises for men and women, general cardiovascular exercises should be also used to form a routine for getting rid of stomach fat. This is because cardio exercise to flatten belly, will help to target overall body, and they help to improve your metabolism and thus digestion, which will help to reduce fat from the stomach region. There are various cardio exercises which you can use. You can either use some exercise equipment to flatten stomach, like treadmill or elliptical trainer. Or you can simply use exercises which require minimal equipment. For example, jogging or running in a park, you can also consider going for swimming to workout. If you want a faster weight loss, then consider doing jump rope workouts. As jump rope workouts help greatly to burn off fat fast, even faster than a running session.

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