Ab Workouts

Are you intimidated by a lower ab workout? Don’t be! Many people think you have to invest several hours a day at the gym every day to see results, and who has time for that? What if you could exercise for a few minutes each day three or four times per week? In addition, the best part is you do not need any fancy or expensive machinery cluttering up your house!

You have a few spare minutes each day to do simple workouts for your stomach, right?

Stick around a few moments and I will give you the answer to flatter abs. This routine is super simple in fact; you will not even feel like you are doing a workout. Then in no time at all you will have those perfect flat abs you have been dreaming of and hoping for.

This lower ab workout coupled with a sensible and healthy eating plan will help your reach your goals.

The most important step of this process is your posture. Good muscle tone depends on good posture. It will not do you any good to lose the fat if you lose the muscle as well! Every day you need to keep your posture in mind, whether you are at work or home.

Whatever you find yourself doing sitting or standing do it straight. Okay now say your are sitting, whether at work in front of the computer or at home in the easy chair. While you are sitting pull your tummy in slightly bring your knees together and slowly raise your legs out in front of you. Hold this position for a few seconds and then lower your legs. This is one of many easy lower ab workouts.

Keep that posture in mind during your daily activities. Below are more simple exercises that will flatten your abs!

Keeping your back straight while vacuuming and again pull in your stomach muscles. Take up a stationary position on the floor, do not walk behind the vacuum or slouch. Now lean forward and then back until you are once again upright. You can do this during many household activities.

Do you need to pick up around the house? Remembering your posture stand with your stomach pulled in and now bend at the waist. Do not do this exercise if you are picking up heavy objects, always bend at the knees. No matter what you are doing remember to hold good posture and control your muscle movements. It will not be long before you are using these muscles without thinking about it.

Any activity that requires you to stand in one place, such as dishes, stand erect, squeeze your muscles and do a few shallow knee bends. Even a few inches is enough to work your ab muscles.

Have a good time and turn up the radio! Dance is a great lower ab workout! Is there a law that states you must remain still while dusting? Keep your posture and muscle control in mind but let your body feel the music. There are few ab workouts that are better than dancing.

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