Abdominal Exercises

How to lose tummy fat? Such is a question posed by millions of men and women across the country. If you’re feeling the guilt after that triple scheeseburger and chocolate fudge sundae, then maybe you should get your body moving with some simple exercises to help lose abdominal fat and strengthen your muscles.

Crunches – Say goodbye to stubborn belly fat with this all-time favorite. Lie on the floor with feet together and knees raised. Place hands across your chest or near your ears, but don’t pull on your head. Slowly lift your upper body six inches from the floor, keeping your chin tucked in and holding the position for about three seconds. Then let your upper back rest on the floor. This counts as one repetition.

Leg Lifts – People who know how to lose tummy fat are likely to be familiar with this workout. Lie on the floor with legs stretched. Lift your heels about three inches from the ground, and hold it as your starting position. For one repetition, lift both legs up, until they are nearly 90 degrees with your torso; then lower them back to the starting position.

Flutter Kicks – This exercise is a variation of the leg lifts, and provides a more intense workout, helping you lose abdominal fat in no time. Resume the starting position as in the previous exercise. Raise your right leg one foot off the ground, keeping your knees straight. As you lower the right leg back to starting position, raise the left leg. Alternate the movements to mimic that of swimming.

Do these workouts for a few minutes everyday, and you will soon notice that your stubborn belly fat is diminishing. Keep up your routine with a healthy balanced diet, and you will soon be fitting yourself into those skinny jeans again!

To gain that flat stomach you’ve been dreaming of and to finally be rid of your belly fat, you can learn more by reading about How to Reduce Belly Fat and applying these lessons to your life.

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