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A workout that targets each muscle on the body would be the perfect exercise plan. This would of course include the muscles of the lower abdomen. You should understand just how important this particular group of muscles is, they not only leave you looking great but they also are vital protective muscles for the spine and lower back. You basically have two lower ab muscles the Transverse Abdominals and the Rectus Abdominals. The rectus abdominals is perpendicular and responsible for drawing the front of the pelvis up, while the transverse runs under the rectus muscles and is responsible for pulling the belly button in.

Here you will find some great tips on how to make the most of your training, especially when it comes to these particular muscles. Reduce the participation of other muscles and learn how to get flat abs quick.

Lower Abdominal Workout Tips

Doing lower abdominal exercises in the correct manner can be hard to do, especially since it comes down to extra muscle control compared to other exercises. Too often people try to complete complex abdominal exercises that they are not ready for and end up working every muscle but the ones they are trying to target, such as the hip flexors and lower back muscles. You have to know which muscles to use for each abdominal exercise. For years, you have been told that the common sit up is the best way to get a great abdominal workout. However, did you know that you could achieve rock hard abs without doing a single sit up?

The guide below will help you maximize the efficiency of each lower abdominal exercise:

  1. Your lower abdominal muscles should be working harder than any other should. If you are not feeling the abdominals more than other muscles, you should stop the exercise immediately. When you are getting a great abdominal workout you should feel the muscles beginning to tire when they do this is your cue to stop and rest.
  2. If you experience in any pain in your lower back this is an indication something is wrong. Your abdominal muscles are either not strong enough for the current exercise or you are doing the movements wrong. Either way you need to stop immediately when you start to experience any pain in your back.
  3. Measured and controlled workouts – When you do lower abdominal workouts you should not be speeding through them. You will exhaust your energy, lose efficiency, reduce muscular power and work out muscles you do not want to target. Besides a fast workout will only produce inconsistent and rough movements that can cause injury.
  4. Capacity – Do not look at your workout as a race to the finish or a competition to get the most repetitions from the most complex workout. What you should be aiming for is working the correct muscle group, the abs, and decreasing the use of other muscles in the process. You want to perform your movements slowly and concisely to get the most benefit from the abdominal workout.
  5. Force or Patience? The job of your lower abdominal muscles is primarily as a stabilizer for posture. The way they are designed, they can remain at full zip at low intensity for quite some time and this is the manner in which they should be trained. Many people want to increase intensity and complexity of their workout hoping for better results when actually you are better off simply adding a few more repetitions to your set.
  6. Breathing – Of all the advice you will ever get the most important thing to do is breathe. You are going to be compressing your abdomen all the way through each motion and the body’s natural response is to gasp or take shallow breaths. It will not take long to exhaust yourself if you breathe this way. Breathe out when you muscles are shortening, such as on the way up in a crunch and breathe in deeply on the expansion, or as you return to the floor.

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